Frozen embryos transfer with constant control

Extended fertility is becoming more and more popular in the modern world. The latest technologies help many people from the whole world to reach the long-awaited baby birth at the right time. Cryopreservation of biological material is your chance not to draw the special attention to the passage of time, just live your life as fully as possible – to travel, to work, to build a career or to wait for the right time and the right person to have a baby with.

ADONIS ‘own cryo bank provides the opportunity to use the cryopreservation services of the highest level of quality. Genetic material, embryo preservation – all possible efforts are focused on the safety of your most precious. 

ADONIS cryopreservation advantages:

  • ADONIS embryo laboratory is created with all facilities needed to support effective embryos and genetic materials in the cleanest, safest environment with a unique air handling system and maintained temperature control. 
  • The special technique of flash-freezing helps to save all qualities of the embryos and biological materials for the most effective treatment and conception.
  • The special Cryotec method of vitrification (a superior freezing technique) consists of a specific set of strictly monitored cryopreservation protocols which highly increase the survival rate of embryos and biological materials.
  • Embryo freezing allows our patients to have their own healthy born child at the right moment for their family. Embryos can be created at the time when parents are young and totally healthy to ensure the best quality and state of their future procreation. 

Vitrification method of preservation

Medical Center ADONIS Family uses the latest method of embryos freezing – vitrification method. 

The process of vitrification differs in the highest level of safety, because, according to the newest research, no more than 10-12% of embryos are damaged or die as the result of this type of preservation.

After the vitrification, ADONIS experienced fertility doctors provide successful transfer of frozen embryos with the help of painless and approved manipulations.  

The main aspects to perform embryos cryopreservation include: 

  • any diseases, painful conditions, contraindications to embryo transfer in woman’s menstrual cycle during the attempt of IVF Program
  • contribution to the future – to save quality embryos for their next use in the future IVF cycles
  • Surrogacy Programs participation
  • preservation of the embryos for the right time in your family life

ADONIS clinics long-term medical performance for more than 23 years has helped many people from around the world to gain parental happiness. Frozen embryo transfer success rate is really high and effective thanks to the qualitative equipment, experienced staff and constant follow-up and control of the processes.

The final decision and referral for the embryo cryopreservation is made by ADONIS leading physician and embryologist for each case and couple individually. Because the personal approach of ADONIS is known and appreciated for its effectiveness.

ADONIS qualitative medical assistance with the highest level additional services as the safest cryopreservation of embryos and biological material – is your way for healthy procreation. Choose the best variant for you!

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